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Search “weight” – walks with local church groups, ramblers, National England Walks and Guides, cycling, swimming, Fitness network – Herefordshire

Voluntary Sector

Search “weight” – walks with local church groups, ramblers, National England Walks and Guides, cycling, swimming, Fitness network – Herefordshire

GP Practice – your practice nurse or GP will offer you advice and guidance regarding weight management. Some practices offer weight loss support groups.

Self Funding Commercial Services

Slimming World
or call 0344 897 8000

Weight Watchers or call 0345 345 1500
Both services have On-line or app or face to face meetings – cost approx. £20/month

National Health Checks at GP practices or local pharmacy offered to people aged between 40- 74 years every 5 years. You should get a letter through the post inviting you for a health check.

The NHS Health Check is a free check-up of your overall health. It can tell you whether you are at risk of developing certain health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke over the next 10 years. The health professional doing the check will offer advice on what you can do to lower your risk.

It is a free service.

The support includes patients who would like to lose weight or quit smoking. 1:1 and group meetings.

or phone: 01432 278178

For more information about NHS Health Checks click on the hyperlink below.

Healthy Lifestyle Trainers

Public Health Funded Healthy Lifestyle Trainers – active in the community and promote a holistic approach to lifestyle improvement – target deprived areas.  For 16 years and above

Self-referral, secondary and primary care to Healthy Lifestyle Trainers.

Trainers are embedded/ live in the area they cover so promote the service locally and therefore receive the majority of self- referrals. They have an in-depth knowledge of services to sigh post people to support services.

Phone: 01432383567


Active HERE Pathway for people who are currently not active.

It is a Sport England and Public Health funded project. It is designed to support you to get more active through motivational sessions and tailored signposting to activities to suit you.

Tel: 01432 358 232
Email: book your initial appointment call 01432 383 567Healthy Lifestyle Trainers

Phone: 01432383567 or e-mail on

Healthier You Programme – Diabetes Prevention (NDPP)

Healthier You is a nine month behavioural change programme that helps those at risk of developing type 2 Diabetes significantly reduces their chances of getting the disease.

Participants receive support to change their lifestyle in a friendly and supportive group environment, facilitated by specialist staff trained in behavioural change and diabetes prevention and recruited from the local community.

You GP can refer through the above weblink

Reed Momenta – sub-contracted to Healthy Lifestyle Trainers

Secondary Care Dietetic Outpatient Service.

This is a comprehensive behavioural and lifestyle assessment by a Dietician. The Dietician explore and understand what has contributed to the patient’s obesity – how it impacts on their life and how best they can change their eating and activity behaviours to improve their health and quality of life

Referral from your GP or secondary care doctor to Secondary Care Dietetic Outpatient Service

Hereford County Hospital

Secondary Care specialist weight management service

Pre-bariatric and bariatric weight loss surgery

Referral from Primary and secondary care request requires CCG approval – case by case. If criteria met funding will be provided.  Under Choice policy pts can go anywhere in the county but Herefordshire people tend to go to Gloucester Royal Hospital.

Other local Hospitals are Shrewsbury and Birmingham.