If you have been referred to hospital and it might involve surgery at some point, it is important to ensure that risk factors for surgery are tackled as soon as possible.  Traditionally you would be checked a week or two before surgery in the “Pre-Op Clinic”.  We are now looking to highlight and tackle these “modifiable risk factors” much earlier, from the time your GP refers you, i.e. the week you are referred rather than a week before the surgery, so that you have time to make real changes.  “Modifiable risk factors” refers to things that increase the risk of surgery but you have some control over.

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What changes should I think about now – Evidence suggests that each of the identified risk factors makes your surgical risk about 2-4 times higher, and each factor adds to each other, so combined risks give a much higher overall risk.

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This website was set up, run, and provided for the patients of Falkland Surgery in Newbury. However we are seeing interest in this project from around the country.  We are looking to see if the known modifiable risk factors for anaesthesia/surgery can be communicated to patients in a way that effects a change and ultimately reduces their peri-operative (the time before and after an operation) risks of complication and death.  It is only focussed on adults who may be looking to having planned (elective) surgery.  Whilst the same factors apply for emergency and urgent surgery, there isn’t generally time or opportunity to make changes ahead of time.  The advice might prompt you to consider lifestyle changes none-the-less.

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